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Viod Management

Void properties can cause their owners a variety of problems. Not only are empty properties lost revenue but they can become a target for vandals. In the worst case scenarios properties are left boarded with gardens full of household rubbish ultimately leading to wider social issues.

DML Contracting offers a number of services under our void management division that can help to prevent these problems. At the outset we can carry out property inspections for our clients to ensure that regular checks are made on the status of properties.

We work with our clients to determine a schedule of works for void properties dependent upon the urgency of the jobs required.

Our dedicated team will manage the process and reduce the time taken to carry out the repairs required to ensure the property is fit to let. Where it is necessary this will include site clearances and the instigation of local recycling initiatives. We also offer valeting services for void properties with 100% quality inspections.

We can also manage the security and overall presentation of void properties whilst they are awaiting new residents to help reduce the risk of vandalism and rubbish dumping.

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